These cats

Probably one of the best costumes from the con that I’ve seen.

Good first day! No freak outs or really any Anxiety.

🌆 love you New York. Love this view. 46th floor  I like you.

I start tomorrow at megaphone tv which is pretty exciting. I gotta just really put my all into this and make sure I keep focused and not get overwhelmed. It’s great to be going into the next phase of my life. Though I’m still envious of those going back to college.

Anonymous was like: And what was your perfect scenario??
& I was like:

We don’t need to talk about it anymore. I was being selfish and I realize that now.

Gotta stop having such high expectations

I’ll be back on the road on the way from Toronto to New Jersey at 3 am. Yay 8 hour car ride!

My Abuela broke her hip and Needs surgery. I know she’ll be okay but I really don’t like being away from her during this.

I thought today was Sunday and I went home tomorrow :( not that I’m not loving canada I just miss New York lol.