Spice by sarahwolfe
Anonymous was like: Sure. theree has to be a good reason for someone to not treat you like a human being.
& I was like:

Woah I never said anything like that! I didn’t do anything wrong to them so they either have a good reason or they have been busy. Either way, nobody has disrespected me. If someone had I wouldn’t even care if they ignored me or not because they wouldn’t be someone I wanted to talk to.

Or else…
Anonymous was like: Who's ignoring you?
& I was like:

Id rather not out them on tumblr. If they are really ignoring me then they probably have a good reason and I’m not going to push them.

Randomly start ignoring me. That’s the trend of the week.


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I feel ya
Add every hot guy in your classes

A year ago the hot guy from theatre class I added freshmen year of college in order to stalk his profile, decided to message me on Facebook because he saw bikini photos of me and wanted to charm me. He didn’t even know where he knew me from and thought I was a completely different girl. When he talked to me he was way too forward and I thought he was playing a joke on me. He was the complete opposite of what I thought I wanted, and I never thought we’d make It past the conversation. Now we’ve been dating for almost 8 months. That’s pretty cool.

Add every hot guy, even if you don’t think you have a chance, even if you think he’ll think you’re odd. You never know.


My relationship
Anonymous was like: helloooooo
& I was like:

Hello? :)